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We look after you

Think of us like your online personal finance manager. Credit Perfect through its members area allows our customers to manage and improve their credit reports and score as well as accessing alternative credit providers that can provide loans or other credit even though you may not have perfect credit rating or history.

What do We Charge?

We provide a membership based service which is charged at £19.99 per month after a Free Trial period of 14 days which all customers are entitled to. If you do sign up for a Free Trial to try us out you can cancel at anytime during the Free Trial or indeed at any time during your membership. If you cancel after the free trial period has expired you will be charged.

What services will I get?

Take control of your credit today

Find the Right Lenders

Access Credit Perfects alternative lenders and credit providers who are focused on supporting people with less than perfect credit.

Manage Your Credit Score & Report

Imporve your changes of finding the right lender by understanding your score.

Credit Builder Products

Choose from a range of credit builder products ideal for starting to build and improve your credit rating and score.

Boost your borrowing power

Get to work on the things affecting your borrowing power

Guides & Tools

Access our personal finance guide and tools helping you to manage your finances and overcome problems you might face.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 credit report monitoring, alerts and fraud prevention notification to help you protect the risk of identity theft.

Credit Perfect Benefits

Improve your life with better credit

  • Compare loans that work for you

  • Access & improve your Credit Report & Score

  • Build your credit over time

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